Blankety blank

I’ve been wracking my brains for the past few days to find something to write about, but I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I do have some ideas swirling around – I could talk about my experience with OCD, eating disorders, self harm, or go for something a little less personal such as ideas on how to brighten your living spaces, however nothing is really tickling my fancy. Everything just feels so uninspiring and effortful at the moment. I think I might start a small repository of posts so that, when I’m running on empty, I have some things stored away that I can post to keep a nice flow going here 🙂
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September 21, 2016

My first jobless summer & how I didn’t go bonkers with boredom

Most people who know me offline know I haven’t been out of employment since I got my first paper round at 13… That is until last August when I left my web design job, a role that I loved for the 4 years I was there, to move to London (well, outskirts of).

When we got here, I was actively looking for work. Mainly mental health related roles, as working experience is a requirement for most (if not all) clinical psychology doctorates, but I have a wealth of experience in catering and waitressing so I was looking for that too. I also looked for design jobs, however I was finding that most need a web/arts related degree which I obviously do not have! There was nothing! Then my mental health started to decline, so it was decided I would remain jobless for a little while and just focus on trying to catch up with my studies. The intention was to look for employment again during the summer break, however summer break came around and there was still nothing! So, I started to think seriously about what I could do with my time. I knew I needed some kind of plan or idea, as being stuck at homme all day with nothing but housework to do I knew would not do my already poor mental state any good at all! I made a list of things I could do, and so as not to overwhelm myself I chose 3 things from that list to focus on – one simple thing I could do on days when I was lacking energy but felt like I needed to ‘accomplish’ something, one slightly more time consuming, and one thing I’d wanted to do for ages but never had the time for. Those things were as follows;
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September 11, 2016

Luca: Living with a borderline

Living with an individual who has borderline personality disorder is… unpredictable.

It’s a fine line between emotional and a mental health disorder I think, especially to the outside world. Identifying the patterns can be difficult but once you see them, they can’t be unseen. There is consistency in the inconsistency. The 2 key factors are:

Time: even if Faye’s mood changes significantly on an hourly basis, there is predictable behaviour on a approximately weekly cycle. There are even larger timescales of months and quarters but I won’t get into that.
Mood state: happy, sad, excitable, eager, inventive, optimistic, depressed, self conscious, daring. The list goes on. They all could happen in a single day but 1 or 2 tend to be what most people see.
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Guest blog: Living with bipolar & schizoaffective disorder

I’m very excited to introduce my first guest blogger, Jessica. Jessica is diagnosed with bipolar type 1 (depression and full blown mania), plus schizoaffective disorder which can leave her struggling with hallucinations and delusions, particularly when she is experiencing mania. She has very kindly written about some of her experience for me to share with you.
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